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Spot hidden objects and solve puzzles and mysteries in lush, eye-catching scenes.

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House of 1000 Doors: The Palm of Zoroaster Collector's EditionHouse of Wonders: Babies Come HomeHowlville: The Dark PastI SPY MysteryI Spy: Spooky MansionImmortal Love 2: The Price of a MiracleImmortal Love 2: The Price of a Miracle Collector's EditionImmortal Love: Bitter AwakeningImmortal Love: Bitter Awakening Collector's EditionImmortal Love: Black LotusImmortal Love: Black Lotus Collector's EditionImmortal Love: Blind DesireImmortal Love: Blind Desire Collector's EditionImmortal Love: Kiss of the NightImmortal Love: Kiss of the Night Collector's EditionImmortal Love: Letter From The PastImmortal Love: Letter From The Past Collector's EditionInbetween LandInfected: The Twin VaccineInfected: The Twin Vaccine Collector’s EditionInterpol: The Trail of Dr. ChaosIntrigue Inc: Raven's FlightInvasion 2: DoomedInvasion: Lost in TimeIsla Dorada - Episode 1: The Sands of Ephranis

It's all about masksJames Patterson Women's Murder Club: Death in ScarletJane Angel 2: Fallen HeavenJane Angel: Templar MysteryJane Austen's: Estate of AffairsJane Croft: The Baker Street MurderJennifer Wolf and the Mayan RelicsJewel Quest Mysteries: Curse of the Emerald TearJewel Quest Mysteries: The Oracle of UrJewel Quest Mysteries: The Seventh GateJoan Jade and the Gates of XibalbaJodie Drake and the World in PerilJournalistic Investigations: Stolen InheritanceJournalistic StoriesJudge Dee: The City God CaseKate Arrow: Deserted WoodKingdom of Aurelia: Mystery of the Poisoned DaggerKingdom of Seven SealsKronville: Stolen DreamsLabyrinths of the World: A Dangerous GameLabyrinths of the World: A Dangerous Game Collector's EditionLabyrinths of the World: Changing the PastLabyrinths of the World: Changing the Past Collector's EditionLabyrinths of the World: Fool's GoldLabyrinths of the World: Fool's Gold Collector's Edition

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