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Chronicle Bulletin #6

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Chronicle Bulletin #6 - This is the sixth, and final, of a 6 part series called Chronicle Bulletin! It's a series about ghosts, aliens, conspiracies and other weird stuff! In this final episode, Atom, Una and Sora meet up with a young paranormal detective. After learning of a secret facility, they risk their lives to uncover answers that they desperately need. Thanks for everyone who played each episode, and stuck with it even after the 4-month gap between each half. (Soz lol!) Controls; Mouse - click to progress through narrative MOVE - Select a nearby location to move to SEARCH - Look around the current location and interact with / pick up objects TALK - Talk to a character / progress story Inventory Button - Click at any time to view Atom's inventory. Press "Use Item" to use an item when available. Thanks for playing!