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Drakenslash - STORY ·In the dark tower of Thousand Moons, the clinically insane draken half-dragon vampire zombie sorcerer summons a duck , but is unable to control it and is possessed stop it before it's too late ! How to play Complete the game by defeating every enemy. ·Money ($) and EXP are collected by mousing over them. About Items ·Keys can be earned by defeating enemies, or can be purchased in the shop. ·You can buy Some weapons and armor for ATK and DEF bonuses, up to 9 of each individual type, when they drop, they go automatically at the right place. About parameter · ATtacK determines the strength of your attacks. · DEFence determines how much damage you take from enemies. · life, determines your life points. · action determines the possibles actions by round · ReCoVery : determines how fast you recover life, when not fighting enemies, and activity points (ACT), when not on a mission. If you want to transform your money into my dreams pixel rpg game,consider to buy the android version, that will for sure motivate me to increase the deep of this game with more floors, monsters and stupidity.