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Enter into Darkness 2: FOM

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Enter into Darkness 2: FOM - After the events of Chapter 1 Enter into Darkness strikes back harder with new everything as the story continues after the events of Chapter 1. In this Chapter you play as yourself, the successful warrior who was send out on a journey to defeat the ultra evil, Metasopsis. But, the adventure did not turn out as planned. This time however, its personal. Metasopsis must die! Will you be able to defeat something so powerful? Will you live long enough to defeat such a grand foe? Dive deep into this brand new world of Enter into Darkness and complete your true mission that was sadly uncompleted in Chapter 1. TAKE DOWN METASOPSIS! - New Roles to select from each with their own set of abilities. - RPG system that allows you to set your strengths and weaknesses. - New powers and items galore as you progress deep through the hellish enemy filled castle floors. - Boss battles await you if you're capable of getting through the large supply of henchmen that are waiting to destroy at every turn. - Tons of magic, tons of additional weapons, tons of enemies, multiple endings, multiple ways to play and multiple directions to take. Hope you enjoy and please remember to Subscribe to the Youtube Channel, Join the Facebook Page and Join the Twitter. The more support we get the better the games get. We're also planning to release a lot more stuff in different categories such as comics, animation and more. "SO SHOW YOUR SUPPORT AND THANKS! - LOL." P.S. This game is an update to Chapter 1 but stays true to an old school Adventure - RPG element related game. An updated dungeon Crawler if you will. How to beat the game is simple. You're not suppose to be told which direction to head in. This is suppose to be left up to the player to figure out. Ever heard of the Pencil and Paper method? Well, some Dungeon Adventure titles required people to actually make their own maps to figure out how to get through a certain area of the game. This also allowed them to share the information with others who were stuck and couldn't figure out which direction to go in. There's no one way through certain areas in the castle floors. Some areas have one way to go and others have two ways to go. Wanna easier way to beat the game, better get that pencil and paper ready. If we get enough support and fans then we can start giving away cash prizes for people who complete our games like this, anyway enjoy!