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Specter Knight

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Specter Knight - UPDATE: - Increased Movement Speed - Fixed Dweller Lord Bug - Fixed Keydrop Bug Specter Knight is an action, adventure, Rpg, rogue-like with a plethora of loot, upgrades, spells, enemies and bosses. Short Description: In a world without need of heroes, a darkness threatens the living.Your legend now long forgotten and your spirit cursed to forever remain in the halls of your final battle. Will you return to the world of the living one last time? Features: - 5+ Hours of game play - Randomly Generated Dungeons - 18 unique enemies - 4 Unique & Challenging Bosses - 16 levels - 3 Game Save Slots - Simplistic Controls (Mouse or keys) - Loot - In-game spell and equipment shop - 80+ Upgrades - 16+ Unique Spells - Experience Point System - Upgradable Strength - Upgradable Spells/Magic - Upgradable Health Credits: Director, Art/Animation: Matt Vile (UknownXL) Game Design: Matt Vile & Stefan Langeder Code: Stefan Langeder Music/Sounds: Sound Tricks "Daniele Zandara